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What is YOUR Dog’s Purpose?

Although we needed to be at my parents’ house (five hours away) on December 24th, we couldn’t leave for winter break until the kids got out of school on December 23rd. So, we packed up the kids, the presents, and the dog and hit Chicago rush hour traffic. Less than an hour into the drive, and not quite out of Chicago, we had a flat tire. Luckily, we found an open mechanic/tire shop next to a restaurant. So, while my husband and kids went to get dinner, my dog Sammy and I waited in the lobby of the tire store and made friends.

What is YOUR Dog's Purpose?

Actually, Sammy made friends, I just watched. First, he went up to a bored young man playing on his phone. The man instantly stopped what he was doing to pet Sammy.  The manager came in to inform the man that the part to his car was damaged, and the car wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow. The young man, still petting Sammy, said he was fine with that. After he left, Sammy went to investigate a couple that had come in. It was obvious from their conversation that there was disagreement about whose fault the incident that had put them at a mechanics two days before Christmas was. Sammy went back and forth between the two of them and within minutes, they stopped fighting, instead they were petting Sammy. The manager said he was reluctant to give me back my car, he found it helpful to have Sammy around.

This doesn’t surprise me. Part beagle, part spaniel, probably part something else, Sammy is not the biggest dog, the smartest dog, or the most playful dog, but everyone loves him. He seems to feel that his purpose in life is to please people, to give love and request love, and he is never disappointed. When we are out walking everyone stops to pet Sammy, even people who tell me that they don’t really like dogs. We got Sammy from a rescue organization when he was somewhere between 2-5 years old and we’ve never been able to figure out how anyone could have given this sweet boy up.

What is YOUR Dog's Purpose?

I thought about Sammy, and the way he seems to take pleasing people as his purpose in life when I saw this preview for the new movie A Dog’s Purpose.

There is simply no way anyone who has ever loved or owned a dog is going to get through this movie without crying. It looks great for all ages. Josh Gad (Olaf in Frozen) is the voice of the dog and Dennis Quaid (be still my heart) plays one of his owners.

They have a super cute campaign going where you can create your own movie poster using a photo of your dog.

What is YOUR Dog's Purpose?

If you recreate the #ADogsPurpose movie poster & share on social media using #MyDogsPurpose, your furry friend could be featured in the film’s campaign! Visit this link to get started  Dog lovers can also upload their furry friend’s picture to the film’s mosaic and connect with pups looking for a forever home via Best Friends Animal Society! 

What’s your dog’s purpose? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and save the date to see the film in theaters on January 27.

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