What To Toss And What To Keep In Your Home

What To Toss And What To Keep // #MinimizeMonday Recap


In this episode, I cover what you should keep or toss from every category in the home, from clothing to papers. Watch the episode, as well as get notes, resources, winner information and more about #MinimizeMonday below! Join us every Monday at 2pm ET on “momspark” on Periscope!


One category that I didn’t get to was disposable items like cleaning products, hygiene products, toilet paper, etc. This is the only category where I have a mini stockpile. Maybe not even enough to call a stockpile! Since my family does go through certain products quickly, I may have more on hand than any other category. I would still suggest that you do not go overboard on this and be mindful of what you will actually use in a month or possibly two-month time.



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#MinimizeMonday was inspired by my 2016 resolution, which was to “minimize.” My idea was to minimize my possessions, finances, clutter (both physical and emotional) and time. So, what was the best way to be accountable and share my progress? Online. So, #MinimizeMonday was born.

So, every Monday at 2:00pm Eastern (unless otherwise noted), I will be hosting a new #MinimizeMonday segment live on Periscope at @MomSpark! Each show will be around 30-45 minutes.

During the segments, I’ll be sharing tips on organization, decluttering, social media streamlining, eliminating debt, being intentional with your time and and….there is so much to discuss and do! I’ll also include my personal progress, including what has worked (or didn’t work) and what I have learned along the way.

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