What Topics Do You Avoid on Your Blog?

Do you avoid particular topics on your blog?  For me, I like to voice my opinions and views on a number of topics, but there are some issues I try to avoid. (although it isn’t always possible to keep my mouth shut)


I am a mom blogger who doesn’t post photos or names of my kids, there I said it.  I realize it isn’t the norm, but it’s how I roll.  I will discuss generalities about what my kids like, say, and do, but nothing too personal.


I will never review sex products or discuss my sex life on my blog.  I’m not a prude, it’s just too personal for me to discuss in such a non-personal platform.


I rarely bring up anything political on my blog or social networks.  People get WAY too heated and offended when political opinions are brought up, so I try to stay away. I don’t want to be judged based solely on my political views.  For the record, I’m a registered Independent.


My faith is very personal to me, so I keep it close to my chest.  I believe in leading by example, not preaching, so I try to live my life that way.  I won’t get into heated discussions regarding religion on my blog or anywhere else online.  If you ask, I’ll tell you, but I won’t push it on you.


I am happy to share information and tips on how to make money blogging, but I will never discuss my own salary openly.  If a friend reaches out to me for help on a quote, I will gladly help them.  However, I will not post my fees publicly.  I have learned that when people see money coming in, but not out, they judge.  I don’t even want to go there.


Rant, yes. Hate, I hope not.  Honestly, I don’t hate anything or anyone.  I discuss topics and issues often, but I don’t believe in slandering or specifically attacking another person.  I think the truth needs to be brought to the open in a healthy, responsible manner.


I don’t swear on my blog.  I’m not offended by those who do, it’s not me. I rarely swear in person.  I think it came with having kids.

What topics do you avoid on your blog and why?