Where Are the Protests Against TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras?

Being deep in social media each day, I often see the latest boycotts and hot topics on Facebook and Twitter before it even hits the mainstream news sites.  More often than not, these topics include political drama, Wall Street woes, celebrity dirt or the newest Youtube video gone viral.  Newsworthy? Sometimes.

In the past, I have made it clear that TLC’s Toddler and Tiaras is disturbing. Beyond disturbing.  Yes, young girls tanning, whitening their teeth (or wearing fake teeth), wearing scantily clad clothing, and dancing inappropriately on stage is enough cause for concern, but that isn’t my main issue with the show.

My issue is with the show being on the air, period. For anyone to enjoy.  To record. To watch again. Think about it.

Do you know what is even more disturbing?  TLC making a profit off of this show.  How many seasons are there now?

I get that reality television sells best, especially ones that cross the line.  I also get that the parents of these young children have given permission to TLC to participate in the show. I also get that there is a ton of programming, including reality programming, that includes children, BUT this show is VERY DIFFERENT.  These girls are YOUNG and dressed like women.  They dance on stage, dressed like women.  This is not normal or healthy, and should not be broadcasted to anyone, especially to those with ill intentions.

Why are we feeding child predators?  Are we that naive?

Where are the protests for this show?  Are we so caught up in corporate greed (hello, Occupy Wall Street) that we have forgotten that child abuse is rampant in this country? Frankly, I care more about kids not being exploited.

What TLC is doing is not illegal, but morally irresponsible?  Um, YES.  It is beyond disgusting and sad.

Please tell me I am not crazy.