Places to find coupons.

places to find coupons

In my last post about being frugal I told you to start getting your Sunday paper and saving the coupons, if you didn’t already.

The #1 place to get coupons is you Sunday paper.

The #2 place to get coupons are friends and family, just ask…if they get the Sunday paper, I am sure they won’t mind saving the coupons for you, if they don’t use them first!

The #3 place to get coupons is from magazines, a great one is ALL YOU, which is sold only at Walmart. LOTS of coupons monthly.

The #4 place to get coupons is at stores. Sometimes different stores have beauty books, or other types of publications that come out randomly. Also the automatic ones on the shelves (Psst…take them when they are there you can use them at later dates or other stores!)
The #5 place to get coupons is on manufacturer websites,, Just print them out. (some stores don’t accept internet printed coupons, check your store policy)