Why Bloggers Should Join Young Living Essential Oils

Why Bloggers Are Joining Young Living Essential Oils

Though aromatherapy has been around for hundreds of years, most of us have seen a rise of essential oil use and talk (hello, everywhere on Facebook) recently, especially among lifestyle bloggers. I noticed it myself about a year ago and if I’m being brutally honest, it annoyed the heck out of me. “Use oils for this, use oils for that,” “throw your medications away,” blah, blah, blah. I just wanted all my friends and bloggers who were using and selling oils to SHUT UP ABOUT OILS. It was obviously a pyramid scheme. I knew nothing about Young Living, but it was totally a scheme.

Then I went to India. And it changed me. When you see poverty like what exists in India, your mind can’t help but change dramatically. I started to looking inward more than ever before, realizing how much pain, baggage and most of all – anxiety – that I was hanging on to. I mean, why would I have anxiety at all? I wasn’t living in a trash hut. I had access to proper bathrooms. I had access to pretty much anything living in the US. Why was I holding on to so much pain? Why was I filling my mind and body with so many toxic things? I decided to change my mental and physical health altogether and suddenly an alternative form of living didn’t seem so obnoxious after all. It’s funny how fast I let go of my judgement when my priorities changed.

Why Bloggers Are Joining Young Living Essential Oils

I was ready to tackle my anxiety that I had been pushing deep down for many, many years, so I started therapy. Though I picked a therapist at complete random, she ended up being such a bright light in my life. She was a supporter of essential oils as well, which was not at all expected but just another sign that I might need to actually try an “oily” lifestyle. After being contacted by a friend (a blogger) about the business side of Young Living, I said, “why not?” and joined a team. It turns out that I joined quite a successful and extremely educational team at that.

Why Bloggers Are Joining Young Living Essential Oils

I haven’t mentioned these changes in my life much on Facebook or Twitter and for very good reasons (see the above judgement that I once had myself). As expected, I have chatted about it on my personal Facebook page (maybe twice? three times?), I was met with negative feedback. I wasn’t posting sales-y updates, either, as I would understand a bit of grumpiness behind that. Even though I expect some pushback, it was still hard to hear. This is why I have decided to write this post. It is a timeline of my path with essential oils, Young Living and a deeper look into why bloggers are joining this alternate lifestyle while getting rewarded on the business side along the way.

I would also like to note that I haven’t 100% eliminated modern medicine from my life (which you would already know if you follow Mom Spark closely), nor judge those who choose not to use essential oils or other methods of alternative medicine. We all do what works best for us and I am completely okay with that. Personally, I am currently choosing to use essential oils in conjunction with modern medicine. This may change, depending on what works for me and my family, or it may not. 

Here we go…

December 2014

Though I signed up late November, it wasn’t until the month of December that I really started exploring the business side of Young Living. Instead, I used November to get to know the oils from my starter kit by integrating them into my daily life (the best way to learn). I used them when experiencing headaches (even migraines), allergies, pain, anxiety, stress, worry, cramps, clogged ears, mood swings, dry skin and when I needed to deodorize or clean something in the house. Before I knew it, I was using them consistently every single day. I swear that I didn’t even recognize myself!

I decided to explore the business side of Young Living, too, because I wanted to find a way to offset the cost of my monthly oils order. So….after reading up on about a million different articles, resources, graphics, videos and tips from my (very awesome) team, I set up an essential oils landing page on my blog. I also went through all of my old blog content, searching for keywords like “essential oils” and “natural living” so I could include links to that landing page within that content (see an example here). I was surprised by how many DIY posts I had that actually included essential oils! I then started creating new content that included essential oils that also had links to my landing page (see an example here). In December, I received 28 new signups. I officially had a team and I feel like I barely did anything at all. I even earned a check.

December 2014 results:

  • 28 new members on team
  • rank level achieved – Senior Star (see rank qualification chart below)
  • commission range for month as Senior Star – $150-$500 (per YL’s policy, I cannot post my actual paycheck, but I FAR exceeded this range)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.03.50 AM


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January 2015

New year, a fresh new start. Everything was falling into place in my life. Therapy was going well and I was using essential oils like a fiend, learning more about alternative health (and posting a lot about it) and getting excited that I could naturally (no pun intended, well maybe) tie it into my blog while also creating a viable business on the side (’cause I love business opportunities, especially those that fit beautifully into another business I’m already managing), so I worked my butt off in January because I was EXCITED.

I created a free e-course email series for all new member sign-ups so I could provide them a healthy start. I put together a Facebook group with all of my team members in an effort to communicate easier with them, share graphics (that our team provides and are free to use) and a place to ask questions. I hosted a Twitter party where I gave away free samples. I spotted business builder potentials on my team and helped those members (mostly bloggers) build THEIR teams. When I started seeing my team members building their own teams, I knew this business had some serious potential.

I explored new oils and new ways to use them – cleaning my kitchen counters, new toothpaste and mouthwash, vitamins, laundry….and kept reading and researching home remedies. With each new question from a member on my team, I would dive into learning more and more. The more I dove in, the more I fell in love with the very products that I once thought I hated (but knew nothing about, of course).

I was so head down in research and business mode that I didn’t even realize how close I was to Silver rank until the very end of the month! I received a sweet bonus for hitting Silver rank (Si6), too, which was a huge case of oils. As in 120 oils! It was a very good month with a lot of hard work (though it didn’t feel like work as I was doing it) and my commission check blew me away.


January 2015 results:

  • 79 new members on team, making a total of 130 members
  • rank level achieved – Executive to Silver (see rank qualification chart below)
  • bonus – Si6 reward of Aroma Complete Kit
  • commission range for month as Silver – $1000-$5000 (this stated income range was accurate for me and I was in the upper range)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.03.50 AM


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February 2015

February started off sloooooooooow with very few new signups. I think it was a weird month for most of us because we were past the “fresh start” month of the new year and it was SO cold/snowy in most part of the country most days. I know that I was pretty grumpy myself in February! Anyway, I was concerned that I wouldn’t hit Silver again and I really wanted to keep the rank because staying at Silver for three consecutive months means another sweet award – an all expense paid trip to the Young Living farm in Utah. I kinda wanted to do that.

I was also concerned that I would lose momentum because I was receiving nearly no new member signups and the same proved true for my member’s teams as well. So instead of focusing on what wasn’t working, I decided to invest time and heart into my wonderful team members that I did have by offering even more resources, classes and e-courses than before. My business partner Desiree and I also created a live Facebook event that went bonkers and created a lot of interest, as well as provided fabulous information for my team. I hit Silver well before the month was over.

February 2015 results:

  • 45 new members on team, making a total of 175 members
  • rank level achieved – Silver (see rank qualification chart below)
  • commission range for month as Silver – $1000-$5000 (this stated income range was accurate for me and I was in the upper range again)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.03.50 AM


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March 2015

Today is March 18th and I’ve already hit Silver rank (earning that free trip to Utah!) without even having to think twice about it. It is this month that I have really witnessed just how fast this business can grow and it’s because people are passionate about living life differently. Do I dare say that essential oils are on trend right now? Well, they are and it is an exciting time to join. I’m SO JAZZED about what is coming this year for my team.

[UPDATED] – March 2015 results:

  • 42 new members on team, making a total of 217 members
  • rank level achieved – Silver (see rank qualification chart below)
  • commission range for month as Silver – $1000-$5000 (this stated income range was accurate for me and I was in the upper range again)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.03.50 AM

[UPDATE] – Jumping to March 2016 and I now have 409 total team members (distributors) and I went on the FREE trip to Utah that I earned (Silver Retreat)! I’m on my way to Gold level and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Young Living Lavender

dried lavender from the Young Living lavender farm!

My Next Goal

My next goal? Gold. With Gold, I have potential to earn up to $20,000 a month and that is quite okay with me.

My Ultimate Goal(s)

My ultimate goal? To continue using essential oils in my daily life while staying on track with this business. To continue to work on me. To pay off debt. To be financially free. To be healthy. To provide my family with a life they can flourish from. To always keep my schedule flexible. To travel. To be happy. I suppose I have more than one ultimate goal. 🙂

I will be updating this post each month as my business grows, so stay tuned. Check out some FAQs below and if you’re interested, check out some fun incentives for signing up with my team this month. Leave questions, concerns and feedback in the comments, please. Also, check out our next live Facebook event this Thursday, March 19th at 9:00 pm EST.



These questions are a work in progress, as I’m sure more will come up as I receive comments. Here is what I have for now.

Do you have to sell Young Living to be a distributor?

Nope. You can just buy YL oils for yourself when you want and receive 24% off the retail price. No obligations to sell whatsoever. Most of our members only buy oils for themselves and family members.

Do you have to be a blogger to join your Young Living team?

Heck no! We have team members (distributors) that are from all walks of life. Massage therapists, equine therapists, acupuncturists, moms, women, entrepreneurs, bloggers and more. We love the diversity in our team!

Aren’t MLMs (Multi-level Marketing) just pyramid schemes?

It’s only a scheme if you’re not actually offering a real product to distributors, which we totally are and people love ’em. The business side is totally optional, too.

How much time are you really spending on the business side of YL daily?

Depends. Some days I am more inspired and jazzed, so I’ll work 2-3 hours on ideas, follow-ups, answering questions and more on weekdays. Most days it is around 1-2 hours, if that. I have found that the more time I put into it, the better my knowledge and paycheck is. Since I also manage a blog and marketing business, I have to balance my time quite delicately, so I try not to go bonkers in one area.

How much can you make per month at the very top level?

At Royal Crown Diamond, you can make roughly $100,000 a month in commission. This isn’t an exaggeration. Take a look at the compensation potential per Young Living.

Do you have to use the oils to have a successful Young Living business?

I would recommend that you try YL essential oils before taking on the business side, as your best sales tool will always be your personal experience and knowledge. If you don’t believe in the lifestyle, you will likely not be too successful building team members either.

Why is the Mom Spark Oils team better than other Young Living teams?

I obviously don’t know the behind-the-scenes details of what other teams are doing, but I can speak for my own team and upline, who are consisted of smart, amazing women who are bloggers, too. Here are the many perks of joining this team.

  • facebook groups full of resources, classes, documents, information, tips, videos, graphics on essential oil, business practices, as well as a place to ask/answer questions
  • special mentoring, resources and groups for bloggers
  • free two week e-course for new signups (you can even use this for your own teams, too!)
  • free graphics to use as you like for your own use (blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • freebie package offers for new signups that OUR TEAM ships out for you
  • one-on-one help, if you want it (no pressure, like ever)

How do I get started?

Easy. Visit our landing page to follow the instructions for signing up. We’ll even throw in some fun freebies when you order a kit and welcome you in to our groups ASAP.

Curious? Email me at momspark@gmail.com for private questions or leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Our content is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. Information obtained from this oily group should never cause you to disregard or delay seeking advice or treatment about a medical condition from a medical or healthcare provider. Use of any information from the content of this site solely at your own risk.