Win a Poken for BlogHer! – ONE MORE DAY! + Video {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

::GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED::  Winner-Liz@thisfullhouse

Okay, okay, I’m giving everyone one more day to enter or submit extra entries (by tweeting, blogging, or subscribing) for the Geisha Poken. I’ve also made a video to show you how they work. (see below)

icon-franky-pokenMeet Franky, he is my Poken.  I plugged Franky in the USB drive of my MAC computer, and then added my social and business information, like my address, websites, Twitter address, and more.  Once all of my information is stored inside Franky, I can then take him out into the world and meet other Pokens.  When I meet a new contact with a Poken, Franky and the new Poken simply perform a “high five” (or “high four”) to transfer our information.  Cool, huh?  Looks like Franky will be coming with me to BlogHer ’09.

icon-geisha-pokenMeet Geisha.  She just may be YOUR new Poken to take with you to BlogHer ’09!   Wouldn’t it be neat to carry all of your social and business information in a neat little character, like Geisha?  Learn more about how Pokens work at  Wanna know how you can win Geisha?

Check out this video that shows you how Pokens work, made by me.  Don’t laugh:


To enter this giveaway, you must be a BlogHer ’09 attendee!  Just leave us a comment telling us why you need a Poken to take to BlogHer ’09!

Earn extra entries by:

  • Blogging about this giveaway (mention in comment)
  • Becoming a subscriber, or if you are already a subscriber. Subscribe here. (mention in comment)
  • Sending a tweet here about this giveaway. (mention in comment) You can also follow us on Twitter here.

Contest ends July 6, 2009 July 7, 2009 at 6:00 CST. USA & CANADA only, please. Good luck!

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