Gotta Have It: Yoga Gear

Back in university, I took yoga classes early on Friday mornings and they were the BEST way to start the weekend off feeling totally mellow and happy. I revisited the same yoga studio when I was pregnant with my daughter to help stay fit and stretchy while she was growing in my belly, but since then, I’ve definitely not kept up with my yoga regime as I should have.

More recently, I’ve been thinking about getting back into yoga which of course has me looking online for yoga-inspired gear and goodies. Want to see some of my favourites? 🙂

Gotta Have It: Yoga Gear

Ballet Barre Yoga Sock: These are like the Mary Jane of workout wear. I love the two cute straps across the top and these’ll keep you from slip-slipping away as you do your routine.

Spiritual Gangster “You Had Me At” Muscle Tee: Because you need a super cute top for your new yoga regime, right?

Harem Pant: Super cozy, totally adorable. I love that pattern and the sweet little ties at the bottom. Perfect for yoga… and your next Netflix marathon. 😉

Gotta Have It: Yoga Gear

Hard Tail Wrap Cardigan: Chilly after your workout? Pop on a cute wrap cardigan and call it a day! Great to stash in your gym bag for after your yoga-ing.

Hard Tail Roll Waist Tie Dye Leggings: Do your yoga in style, girl! These light and fun colours are perfect for that yoga-in-the-park class you’ve always wanted to take!

The Yoga Book: Keep track of all your yoga-doings with this rad little yellow Yoga notebook! Set your goals and see how far you’ve come!

Dharma Yoga Sock: Keep your toes warm without losing your grip with these sweet socks. Match them to your workout gear or layer them under your favourite yoga pants.

Gotta Have It: Yoga Gear

Third Eye Yoga Tote: You need a place to stash your gear and your awesome mat! I love how functional this tote is!

Groove Been Served Leggings: A bit of a retro throwback to the cassette era… and I LOVE it! Bust these out when you’re sweatin’ to the 80s tune in your funky yoga class!

Alo Peak Wrap Cardigan: Warm up after a great workout with this other fun wrap sweater. Great for yoga-doers and dancers all around!

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