Your Blog Is Your Brand, So Trademark & Buy Extra Domains

I have been contemplating how to write this post.  Frankly, the whole incident saddens me.  The purpose of this piece isn’t to point fingers, name-call, or spew any hate.  It’s simply to inform you, my fellow bloggers, to protect your blog, which is your brand.  Claim every domain that includes your brand name and trademark that name ASAP.  You never know who or what will haunt you later if you don’t.

When I created Mom Spark back in July 2008, I was a brand new blogger.  I wasn’t new to social media, writing, or business, but I had entered a different world.  I chose the name “Mom Spark” because it described myself (a mom with a bit of edge) and where I wanted Mom Spark to go. (“sparking” conversations with other moms)   I created my .blogspot domain, that was available at the time, and called it a day.  I had NO idea the scope of where Mom Spark would go in the following months and when it came time to grow into a “big girl” domain, I had to settle with  I claimed all of the social networks I could under the name “Mom Spark”, and started attending conferences, all under the name “Mom Spark”.  All the while, the .com sat there parked by GoDaddy, doing nothing. (for 3 years it sat)

Last year, I attempted to purchase the .com, but to no avail. (there is more to this story that I don’t wish to share in a blog post) I immediately filed for the trademark “Mom Spark” (which was not claimed) and do, in fact, have that certificate currently hanging in my office.  As you can imagine, it was very unsettling to find out that the owner of the .com had redirected the .com to their own business, which is very similar to  As of this evening, it is no longer redirecting to that site, but does have a banner with a “under construction” message with links to said business.  I do have some protection since I own the trademark “Mom Spark”, but attaining the .com is not so easy.  The other party must be willing, and in this case, they are not.

Please take my story and protect your brand NOW.  Purchase your trademark and buy up different variations of your brand name in domains.

I deeply appreciate the support from the blogging community, I would feel defeated without your love.