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Ahhhh, the holiday season is right around the corner, can you believe it?

It’s a time for excitement, joy, and gratefulness! It’s also a time where we can easily get wrapped in stress and overwhelm if we let it.

My goal for you today is to ease your holiday meal prep this year with 5 easy tips. Holiday meal gatherings do not have to be hard or scary or stressful, so let’s make a pact that we will breathe easily through them this year.

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Set the Table the Night Before

A big part of having guests over for a holiday meal is setting the table. You want it to look beautiful and well-thought-out, but when the time comes to do it you can easily feel stressed and overwhelmed. The solution? Take your time by setting it up the night before!

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Here is a list of what tablescape items you can display and set up the night before:

  • fresh flowers with water-filled vases
  • plates and cutlery for each guest
  • table runner and/or tablecloth
  • wine glasses and/or water and tea glasses
  • seasonal decor (like faux pears, pumpkins, acorns, etc.)
  • cloth napkins
  • bread bowl and serving bowls
  • candles ready to be lit or electric/battery-operated candles

Have Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea On-Hand

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Having Milo’s Famous Tea on-hand in the refrigerator for a convenient beverage for your guests makes life so much easier!

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Milo’s is a high-quality tea that’s made with all-natural ingredients and never any added colors or preservatives. It comes in a variety of options, including unsweet, sweetened with pure cane sugar, or sweetened with sucralose for a no-calorie beverage.

There’s a rich flavor to Milo’s Tea because it’s freshly brewed from real tea leaves. The best part is that it’s ready to drink after you buy it, which makes life so much easier during the holidays. Find Milo’s near you with their store locator.

Get Ice Beforehand

When I was a kid, I can always remember one parent rushing out the door on the day of a holiday event to grab a bag of ice. It was something that everyone seemed to forget about until we needed it and then it created an unnecessary panic!

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Stocking up on ice a day or so before a holiday meal lowers the stress on everyone and makes it super simple to pour a delicious glass of Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea at any time.

Prep Casserole and Salad Dishes the Night Before

The biggest task at hand when hosting a holiday meal is the food – am I right? It’s kinda the whole point of the gathering! Meal prep can be daunting, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. The goal should always be to have more time with your friends and family on the day of the event, not hiding in the kitchen stressed out, so one big way you can do that is to prep all casserole dishes the night before so that they can be easily popped into the oven.

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Hash brown casseroles, Jell-O salads, fruit salads, vegetable salads, pasta salads, green bean casseroles…many side dishes like this can be either finished in their entirely or covered and popped into the oven the next day before the meal. It saves loads of time and tastes just as delicious!

Make Appetizers the Night Before

The same goes for appetizers. Many apps can be built and completed the night before so they’re ready to eat as soon as guests arrive. One of my favorite Mom Spark apps to make beforehand is Bacon, Spinach and Green Onion Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups.

5 Ways to Make Holiday Meal Prep Even Easier

Other overnight app ideas include fruit trays with a sweet dip, veggie trays in a festive design (shaped like a turkey, for example), and meat and cheese trays. Place apps on fancy dishes the night before, too, so that you simply move it from the refrigerator to the counter or table!

I hope these easy prep tips help you with your next holiday gathering! Please let me know if you have any tips that I didn’t mention by leaving a comment below.

In the meantime, don’t forget to locate a store that sells Milo’s Famous Tea near you by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!