I love spending time with my grandmother. We share stories, laugh and talk about the years that we have spent together. These moments are a special time that mean so much to both of us.


Unfortunately, these moments only happen a few times a year because of the distance between our two cities. I certainly wished we lived closer, but the reality is that it will likely remain that way for some time.

Yes, there the telephone is definitely an option that we can use to check in with each other, and one we do use, but it still feels so distant. While it does feels good to hear her voice, it makes me miss her all the more when I do.


My grandmother isn’t very technically savvy, either, so she doesn’t own a computer, which makes it that much more difficult to connect with her via video chat. I sure wish that I could see her face more, even if it were on my computer screen.

However, I’ve been made aware of a possible solution to this problem. It’s a new tablet for seniors called grandPad (clever name).

granaPad in Wireless Docking Station[1]

grandPad is the first digital tablet to privately connect family on a platform built for seniors. This tablet is made with seniors in mind, making it is easy to connect with every family member who owns a smartphone or desktop computer! Seniors can now video chat, check emails, share photos, play games, make phone calls and more with this amazingly easy-to-use tablet.

The device has no confusing buttons, passwords, pop-up ads or tech set-ups. The easy-to-use design makes connecting with family easier than ever before.

1 (1)[1]

This is the PERFECT device for me to connect with my grandma face to face! I cannot wait to talk to her about it and gather her thoughts. I think once she sees just how easy grandPad is to use she will not feel intimidated by technology any longer. And all I’ll need to do is download an app on my smartphone to connect with her regularly. I love that!

grandPad would be a great holiday gift this year for the seniors in your life. Learn more by visiting grandpad.net!

This post is sponsored by grandPad.