I will start by sharing a few of my tips about wrangling my little ones in big crowds but what I am hoping for out of this post is a lot of comments and tips from all of you readers. Lets start a conversation about this because it is summer travel time and whether you plan on being a tourist or if your town becomes flooded with tourists in the summer, it is always good to have a plan when you are dealing with big crowds and little kids.

Here are a few of my husband and my crowd control guidelines:

    1. Teach your kids your name. You will always be Mom and Dad to your kiddos but make sure that your kids know your first and last name so if they get separated from you they can tell someone what your name is. Mass panic would happen in a theme park if the loud speakers announced, “Could MOM please report to customer service to pick up your lost child?”
    2. Teach your kids their first and last name. Same concept as number one.
    3. Before you join the crowd take a picture of your child. Make sure it is a full picture so you can see what they are wearing and there is a good clear picture of their face. In the chaos, shock and terror of losing a kid you may forget what your little one was wearing and not be able to effectively describe them. Having the picture will help authorities know what they are looking for.
    4. Point out the authorities and/or who to go to when you need help. Introduce your little one to an employee in the park’s distinctive polo shirt or uniform so they know who to go to for help.
    5. Dress your kids in distinctive clothing. They don’t need to be in reflective safety gear but it should be something that is easy to spot. At a recent trip to the zoo both my boys were wearing “explorer hats.”

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  1. If possible have two adults. One to keep an eye on kids and one to be in charge of all the stuff- stroller, diaper bags, tickets, sippy cups etc. When there are clear responsibilities there is no miscommunication or lost moments of who is in charge of what.
  2. If you are traveling with more than one adult make sure you have a way to communicate if you are separated. Cell phones or walkie talkies are great for this.
  3. Ask for help right away. Don’t feel self conscious about your kid running off… ask for help. Employees are trained to help find missing kids and they can alert other employees to keep an eye out too.
  4. Bribe Bribe Bribe and remind them of the bribe through out the day. “If you are good and stay close to Mommy all day you can have an ice cream cone!”

children in big crowds momspark.net

Those are a few of our standby rules for big crowd safety. Please share some of your tips and tricks because when it comes to little ones and big crowds you can never be too safe.