I have a bit of a stamp obsession. My collection has been growing over the last few years, and now my daughter loves playing around with them just as much as I do. Whether you’re sending a letter, or decorating invitations… there are so many ways to utilize purdy stamps! These are just some of the ones I’d love to add to my collection… I also want to acquire a veritable RAINBOW of coloured inks! Swoon!

Beautiful Stamps

The coffee/tea addict in me is doing a little happy dance when I see these stamps! So cute.

cupcake cork stamps

I spy a cupcake!

bird fern plant stamps

Tweet, tweet!

fern stamps

Gorgeous fern stamps. LOVING that green!

leaf stamps

Stunning leaf motif. I’d love to make wrapping paper from this.

bird stamps

Cute bird stamps… and that little potted tree is just so sweet.

What’s the neatest stamp you’ve ever seen? Do you make your own?