It’s been nearly a year since my last tattoo and I’m starting to get that itch again, my friends. More please! Tattoos can be incredibly addictive and I’m definitely looking forward to my next piece. With ideas formulating and swirling in my head, here are a few of the images which have lent a little inspiration to my fickle mind… pretty!

cool tattoos for women heart flower quotes

1. Great placement + lovely font = a wonderful combination, 2. The sweetest little knee hearts, 3. I really dig these simple writing lines, and 4. A beautiful tattoo mimicking a 19th century floral engraving.

My daughter refers to the ink on my arm as “mama’s picture”, and a few times I’ve spotted her turning a Crayola marker on her own arm to add a little artwork. I can’t help but smile. Perhaps I’ll have to gift her some of these adorable temporary tattoos from Heirloom:

fox tattoo women's

How cute is that? I remember being covered in temp tats when I was a little girl — only I think mine were all X-Men and bugs. Go figure!

So, tell me mamas, are you inked? What do your little ones think?