When I’m out on a thrifting trip, I find it nearly impossible to say “no” once I lay my eyes on some colourful vintage Pyrex. Now I’m stuck with a conundrum! Are my kitchen cupboards shrinking? Or do I need to get a grip on my Pyrex addiction? Either way, here are some beauties I’d LOVE to add to my collection:

Vintage Pyrex

All images spotted via Pinterest.

I can just imagine walls of exposed shelving in my kitchen with bowls galore, in every colour of the rainbow, all displayed for my delight! And how fabulous is that entire blue and white collection? I know I have a few pieces tucked away that would fit right in. Sadly, in my little hometown, my Pyrex hunting is limited to just a few key spots, but every now and again I hit the jackpot and I get to bring home something truly special. I LIVE for those thrifting adventures!

So, what can you confess? Are there a collections in your home that you can’t quite contain? Are you a Pyrex hoarder like me?