When I was in grade one, my best friend got a pair of glasses and they were purple and shiny. I thought they were the COOLEST glasses in the whole world and couldn’t wait until the day I could wear glasses. (A day that didn’t come until I was 27 and now I only need them to drive at night.)

Since there are several glasses-wearing folks in our family, I keep a close eye (sorry for the pun) on my daughter’s vision — and on cute frames for kids! Here are a few cute styles I’ve spotted via Clearly Contacts:

Fashion Friday: Cute Glasses For Kids

Seven Cute Pairs Of Glasses For Kids

  1. Gummy Purple frames with striped arms — adorable for even the tiniest glasses wearers!
  2. Tortoiseshell Hello Kitty frames with funky design on the arm — these ones might be my favourite. Love that they are cute, but still have a touch of sophistication 
  3. A colourful floral style arm with simple wire frames — adorable and very feminine
  4. Funky pink and green metal frames with hearts on the arm! Love these!
  5. I couldn’t resist the pink & purple Hello Kitty frames — I know these would be my daughter’s favourites
  6. Great colour combo of brown/turquoise on these preppy frames
  7. My favourite pick for unisex style — a pop of yellow on the arms adds a little fun to these frames

Do your kids wear glasses? Did they pick them out or did you? Have you ever ordered kids glasses online?