Can you remember the first time you used Post-it Notes?

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As a child, I can clearly remember doodling on the classic canary yellow Post-it Notes and sticking them to the walls or refrigerator. Post-it Notes were a staple in our home as a kid and now (any years later), that has remained the same, though the brand has really grown from canary yellow!

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This year, Post-it Brand is celebrating 35 years of creativity and organization. Like me, I am sure that you have been using the Post-it Notes for those full 35 years, too!


Today, you can find Post-it Notes in a beautiful array of color and various styles, like the bright hues in the Post-it Note “World of Color” collection (which I just adore).


These amazing sticky notes have been used in so many ways in pop culture, from note reminders (what I certainly use them for the most) to DIY projects and used for kids to create art on. There is really no right or wrong way to use Post-it Notes.


So, how do I use them?


One step into my home and you see that I mostly use Post-it Notes as reminder sources! I have them stuck to just about every surface, from my computer screen to cabinets.


I create reminders and notes for:

  • babysitter – medication information, bedtimes, activities
  • work – deadlines, invoices, creative ideas
  • family – appointments, recipes, homework
  • husband – love messages, errands, “thinking of you”
  • friends – “thinking of you”, “you’ve got this”, “thank you”

Did you know that the Post-it Brand creates more than Post-it Notes, like Post-it Flags and Tabs?


These are perfect for documents, contracts and invoices!

So, how do you use Post-it Notes? Let us know in our comments below!

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