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I’ve been on the internet for a hot minute. I won’t say exactly how many minutes but let’s just say it’s close to a billion.

All that time on the internet has brought with it firsthand experience as it has changed and evolved and grown into the internet we all know and (mostly) love today.

How to Protect Your Online Privacy

I’m a big fan of how the internet has given us access to information and resources and news and more recently, personal connection. With that territory and the innovations of the technology behind these things, comes a lot of our personal data. I mean A LOT of it.

Ghostery (a super cool, smart browsing technology I’ll talk more about in a second) conducted a comprehensive study of data tracking across twelve countries and discovered that 77.4% of all page loads contain trackers. They also went into really intense and impressive detail about the sites that most of us visit every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. Read more about the study results here.

Now as a mom whose teen son has graduated high school and will be heading off to college out of state, as well as a pre-teen at home who participates in monitored, social gaming, the privacy of their internet habits is a very high priority for me.

How to Protect Your Online Privacy

Ghostery keeps pages free of clutter and thereby blocks ads that may be inappropriate for my boys to see. One of the biggest concerns I have are those pesky malvertising ads that can so easily sneak into my kids’ website consumption. What is malvertising? Well, in a nutshell, attackers buy ad space on popular websites and load these sites with ads infected by viruses, spyware, malware and “cyber filth”. In other words, something absolutely no parent wants their child being exposed to. Enter, Ghostery.

With Ghostery, I’m able to easily install the browser extension and indicate what information to allow either individual sites me or my sons are exploring or all sites across the board.

How to Protect Your Online Privacy

Some additional trackers that Ghostery is great at protecting us against include:

It’s simple and safe and that’s all a mom can really hope for when it comes to her kids spending time online.

Click here to learn more about Ghostery and the innovative way they are protecting our online privacy.