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Last October, I shared my journey to repair my credit in partnership with, a leading provider of credit repair services in the United States, in a blog post and Instagram video and I’m back to report what my experience has been like the past few months.

This partnership came at the perfect time in my life, almost as if it were fate because I was planning on refinancing my family home in the upcoming months. Though I have lived in this family home for close to 9 years, the deed was in my ex-husband’s name due to my business (of blogging) being so new at the time the house was purchased.

How to Repair Your Credit Score for a Home Refinance

When I went through my divorce, I had two choices to make on our family home – sell the home and move or refinance the house myself (in my name). I was fearful of the latter because of my past experience with financing anything due to lenders not seeing my income, a thriving business now almost 12 years old (9 of which I have done out of this home), as an actual income. It had also been a long, long time since I attempted to finance something on my own.

But this was home. For me. For my children. For my friends that I love. This was home.

I was also terrified of taking a look at my credit score. In fact, I hadn’t looked at it in years. When I did finally build up the courage to take a peek, I felt discouraged. While it wasn’t “poor” it still wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be.

I then became nervous about speaking to my representative for the first time, but my fears and worries immediately disappeared within the first few minutes of the call.

How to Repair Your Credit Score for a Home Refinance

I shared with my rep the goal I had to refinance my home and establish a healthy credit score as a newly single mother. She told me that my credit had a ton of potential for improvement and then shared a plan of action. That plan of action included getting a very old late payment on a credit card removed from my report (which handles on your behalf), as well as adjusting my credit usage ratio down to a healthy number (less than 30% is the sweet spot).

Having a plan (and hope) gave me a sense of power over my credit score and suddenly, the thought of refinancing my home didn’t seem so scary anymore.

So, we put the plan into place, though my results won’t be the same for everyone, in a few weeks’ time, my credit score jumped 100 points. That’s when I told myself, “It’s time to apply for that mortgage refinance.” So I did.

I was pre-approved for a refinance mortgage loan pretty quickly (which was SUPER exciting) and at an AMAZING interest rate because of my great credit score. In fact, my loan officer complimented me on it many times!

How to Repair Your Credit Score for a Home Refinance

But, I still wasn’t attached to whatever the end result would be because we all know that loans, home buying, and financing always contain the possibility of hiccups and issues that are out of our control. I wasn’t going to fully take a breath until I had the deed, with my name on it, in my hands.

The number of papers, documents, questions, and phone calls during the loan process seemed to go on for weeks, but I kept moving forward with hope.

And, well, it worked.

How to Repair Your Credit Score for a Home Refinance

On Monday, January 27th, 2020, I officially held the deed, in MY NAME, for my home. I now own my home. The plan of action worked. The hard effort worked. And I owe a huge part of this win to for helping me set up the necessary credit score foundation in order to purchase my first home.

Sharing this news with my children was emotional but in all the best ways. I told them that we would be staying home for as long as we want to. Maybe forever. Because this is home.

How to Repair Your Credit Score for a Home Refinance

So, as you can tell, I am a very happy customer of Like, big time.

If you are fearful of your credit like I was, I get it. The truth is, better credit can save you thousands of dollars in high-interest rates. There is hope and you can absolutely do this.

How to Repair Your Credit Score for a Home Refinance

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