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We all know the phrase, “It takes a village.” Simply put, no one raises a child alone. As a single, working mom who doesn’t live near family, I feel this truth every day. My friends and my kid’s friends help me in so many ways. But sometimes, even with the support of my friends, I need more help. Maybe it’s a dinner time client meeting. Maybe it’s a day where I know a photoshoot will keep me way past bedtime. Maybe I just need to go see a movie with my friends. Whatever the reason, from time to time, I need to hire a sitter. 

Have to Safely Find a Sitter for Your Child

When my kids were babies finding a sitter was so hard! It wasn’t that there weren’t people available, it was that I never knew how to find anyone or who to trust. Leaving a kid who can’t talk with someone you don’t know … that’s hard. Strange as it may sound, hiring a babysitter for an older child can be just as difficult. You don’t want to leave your 6th grader with someone who is going to cut up his food and tell him when to take a bath! though makes all of that easy. With you can search for local babysitters or nannies. One of the best things about the sitter listings is that you can tell right away if a sitter is a good fit for someone like me, with an older kid, or for a baby or toddler (or both at once). You can find occasional date-night sitters, an overnight sitter, a part-time nanny or a full-time nanny. Every family is different and whatever your childcare needs, is flexible enough to work for you. is trusted by over 25 million users across the US and Canada.

Have to Safely Find a Sitter for Your Child

How it Works

How does all this perfect nanny-finding magic work? Sign up is totally easy. You start on their home page and enter some basic info, and voila, you have access to tons of sitters in your area. You can also set up an ad stating what you want and have nannies or sitters find you.

Have to Safely Find a Sitter for Your Child

Families can choose between the Basic option (FREE) or one of the following three Premium options (PAID): monthly, quarterly, or yearly*. Below is a chart outlining the features of each:

*Yearly plan is $180, Quarterly plan is $90, and a monthly plan is $45. (USD)

No one ever said that parenting was easy. We all need support and it’s really nice to know that when you need just a little more support a service like is there for you.

How to Safely Find a Sitter for Your Child