I know some kiddos take to the water like wee fishes, but if you’ve got little ones who aren’t as keen about getting clean, here are some ideas for making bath time something they’ll look forward to all day long!

Boon Flo spout cover

01. I love this Boon Flo spout cover — it creates a gentle waterfall into the tub and protects heads from nasty bumps (ouch!) on the faucet. It’s modern, it’s easy on the eyes and it comes in three colours (blue, pink & green).

wooden sailboats

02. These wooden sailboat with their colourful sales are sure to brighten any bather’s mood!

kids goldfish bath plug

03. As long as your little one won’t be traumatized by the thought of a fish stuck in the drain, this goldfish bath plug is definitely worth a few tubby time giggles!

hamburger soap for kids

04. What kiddo WOULDN’T want to scrub up with a nice soapy hamburger??

cozy cotton terry cover up

05. And last but not least, what better way to end tubby time than to snuggle up in a cozy cotton terry cover up! Lovely!

What are some of YOUR bath time must-haves?