Since we’re all in Spring Cleaning mode right now, I’ve been purging things from my home, organizing the hectic bits, and thinking about the lack of a cohesive style that we’ve got going on. To be honest, since we’ve moved to this particular spot back in the summer, we haven’t really put our personal touch on it yet. I think it’s a common renter’s fear — personalizing too much, or buying pieces to fit a space, when you don’t plan on staying for longer than a couple years.

That being said, there’s also no reason why we shouldn’t have pieces in our space that we LOVE, which will look just as awesome in our next place, right? I was recently browsing the virtual shelves of Dot & Bo and came across a ton of items that I’m a bit drooly over, so I thought I’d put them all together here on the blog for all of you to see! Enjoy!

11 Modern Pieces For Your Home

10 Modern Pieces You Need in Your Home

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01. Modern Ash Wood Rocker — Classic. Beautiful. Stylish.

02. Linear End Table — I love how simple and bold this piece is.

03. Wing Carraway Sofa — Totally stunning. I can just picture myself, curled up with my laptop, typing away in one corner of this couch with my feet stretched out. Oh yes, I can see it.

04. Bird Soap Pump — You’ve got to put a bird on it… right?

05. Industrial Square Coffee Table — LOVE this. The whole industrial influence is still rocking my socks these days and I think this is a piece that’ll stand up to change.

06. Rustic Modern Stag Wall Hanging — You guys know my name is Desiree Fawn, eh? So I really can’t say no to anything deer-esque.

07. Paddington Deux Lounge Set — How awesome is this colour??

Modern Pieces You Need in Your Home

08. Mid-Century Modern Electra Coffee Table — I love the shape of this table and the leg detail is spot on. I really think this could fit into just about any space.

09. Walnut & Black Office Chair — I’m on the hunt for a much nicer office chair than the one that tortures me on a daily basis and I’m loving the colour here!

10. Double Duty Sofa Bed — I want to sing a song about this couch. It’s beautiful!!

11. Modern Cat Bowl — Totally rad. Totally bizarre.

My favourite out of all of these items might just be that weird cat bowl… I love that it looks like a jewel of some sort, but to be honest I’d have to use it with my dog. He already has a pink collar, so I think this might just fit!

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