Mother's Day: Is There Too Much Pressure To Give?

When I look back at the Mother’s Days I’ve celebrated so far, there’s a consistent theme of spending time with my daughter (now four years old), my family, and my friends. My partner at the time (we separated in 2011) was never a gift giver, and I assumed our dysfunctional relationship must have been the reason I was never given a present for Mother’s Day. But should I have expected one?

Recently I’ve heard more and more about the pressure that spouses are feeling as Mother’s Day approaches — especially in families where the children are too young to understand the holiday, or to make/purchase a gift for mom.

Owning a retail shop means that I get to see last minute shoppers in their hour of panic. Older children being sent in to find something “from dad”, or fathers in a hurry, searching for gift cards, or quick additions to their flowers and chocolate. (Not that I’d say no to flowers or chocolate. Let’s be honest.)

Should moms expect that their partner will be the ones doing the gift giving on Mother’s Day? If you’re the mother of babies or toddlers, do you expect a gift from your partner? For those with older or adult children, should dad still be a part of the gift-giving?

We’d love to know what our Mom Spark readers are thinking!

What role does your spouse play on Mother’s Day? Is there too much pressure being put on partners?