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My Holiday Travel Tool Kit

Whether you’re getting on a plane for a sunny family vacation or driving over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house, holiday travel can bring a lot of unexpected delights and problems.

My Holiday Travel Tool Kit

The stress of travel and the holidays, unfamiliar food or too much food, new allergens, and accident-prone sleepy kids can all lead to trouble. That’s why I create a travel kit that I bring whether I’m traveling by car or plane. Lucky for me, all of my travel essentials are easily available at my local CVS.


I know, it doesn’t seem like you should need snacks when there’s so much good food around, but the holidays and travel both mean eating at unpredictable times. You don’t want to find yourself in the car with a starving child (or mom).

My Holiday Travel Tool Kit

CVS has a lot of healthy, delicious, and affordable treats that are easy to stash in a carry-on or car. I really love the Abound brand popcorn, nut bars, and nut mixes. I also like to throw in a few of their juice boxes to wash it down.


It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little blood. Seriously, in my family, even an ornament can spell disaster. I always have CVS’s anti-bacterial bandages in my purse to keep little problems from getting bigger.

My Holiday Travel Tool Kit

Allergy Relief

I have a friend who didn’t know he was allergic to the pollen where he lived until he traveled somewhere else with different pollen. The opposite can be true as well. You may arrive at a family members and find that they have the one dog in the world you’re allergic to, or you may find out you’re allergic to the entire area! I like to keep Children’s Allergy Relief on hand for my kids, and the grown up capsule version on-hand for my husband and I just in case.

Nasal strips

Getting a good night’s sleep is mandatory when you’re traveling, especially if you’re traveling with kids. But, too much to drink or a dusty guest bedroom can cause snoring. Whether it’s you or your partner, having nasal strips on hand will help you both sleep better.

Paper towels

Obviously, a roll of paper towels would take up a lot of room in a carry on, but I always keep a roll in the car and believe it or not, I make up a small baggy of paper towels and keep them in my purse for air travel. So many chances for spills, no matter how you travel!

What are your travel essentials? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

This post was sponsored, but all ideas are my own.