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My Personal Story: How I Became a Food Blogger

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When I started my blog more than nine years ago, I honestly didn’t know what kind of content I would create. I only knew that I wanted to share valuable lifestyle tips and tricks with fellow moms, with, perhaps, a few recipes sprinkled throughout.

Pressure Cooker Pho Soup Recipe 6

Well, it turned out that my audience really, really enjoyed my posts about food. More than I ever expected! As a home cook with no professional training, this was a pleasant surprise.

The thing that I learned was that my audience didn’t want a chef’s experience with food, they wanted a relatable mom like me. A mom who cooks for her family with ingredients that everyone understands and recipes that anyone can replicate.

So, I continued my journey with recipe creation, and it eventually led me to more advanced food photography skills and recipe video production knowledge for companies, as well as for my blog. The more practice I put into food (including burning a lot of bread and spilling milk), the more I was able to polish my technical skills along the way. It really is true – practice makes perfect (or nearly perfect).

Today, I am regularly hired to create recipes, photograph food, write culinary content, and produce recipe videos for brand and businesses. In fact, this slice of my skill set is a whole business on its own!

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