Last week’s Fashion Friday featured nails decked out in pastel style for the Spring. Today I wanted to show off a few cute ideas for taking your polish to a new level. I’ve been experimenting with some really fun little ideas lately… stripes, dots, patterns and such. Thankfully, there are some pretty lovely bloggers out there who like to share their ideas for nail DIYs and that just makes me smile!

chevron nails01. Super cute chevrons!

black moon nails02. Black moon nails.

tiny heart nails03. Tiny hearts.

scalloped nails04. Sweetly scalloped nails.

wild animal nails05. A little wild style.

colorful zigzag nails06. Colourful zigzags!

Today I painted my nails “pineapple” with a few “teal” tips, just for the heck of it. They gained the approval of my three-year-old, so I think that says plenty!

Have you tried any fancy pants nail designs lately? Feel free to link your pics in the comments!