This post is sponsored by Ibotta. Opinions are my own.

2020 … really, what’s left to say? 2020 has changed every aspect of our lives from how we see friends to how we grocery shop and run errands. It’s hard to imagine that I used to spend hours going from store to store to find the best deals on certain items. I would go to a drug store for things like cold medicine, a grocery store for food, and another store for paper goods. Of course, shopping for clothes was a whole different adventure. Now, I still want great deals, but I want to visit as few stores as possible. Lucky for me, Ibotta has introduced the new Ibotta browser extension. You can now use Ibotta for all of your shopping, including grocery pickup and delivery. Ibotta works whether you shop in-person or online.

With this free browser extension, you get cash back. When I say, “cash back,” I mean actual cash, not points, no coupons or promo codes, money. If you use Ibotta, you can now earn cashback from more than 800 online retailers when shopping from your computer. So, how does this magic work? It’s simple to download and install the extension onto your Chrome browser. 

Online Grocery Shopping with Ibotta

Once the extension is downloaded, you can shop online for the items on your grocery list as you normally would, and the Ibotta browser extension will find you cash back on popular brands. You will need to set up an account, but it’s easy. Ibotta will give you real cash back on grocery and household products available for pickup and delivery from stores like Walmart, Instacart, and Target. 

Even if you shop “in-store,” you can still use Ibotta and earn cash back. Download the app to your phone

Online Grocery Shopping with Ibotta

Then, pay straight from the Ibotta app and get instant cash back on your entire in-store purchase. It’s quick, easy, and secure. Shopping from the Ibotta app in-store is contact-free, making it an even safer choice. You can also choose to get offer alerts so that you can make sure to save even more money. 

Look, a lot of us are going to be doing Thanksgiving at home this year. No one wants to feel like they aren’t having the full Thanksgiving experience, so I think being able to earn cash back on food and decoration items will help a lot.