Easy DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts

I don’t know if  you’ve heard, but there is kind of this crafty thing going on. Everybody is makin’ everything anymore. Multiply this fad by the fact that everyone suddenly becomes Martha Stewart around Christmas and it’s kind of expected that you make a few gifts in 2012. I guess this is adult peer pressure…

So, guess what? It’s one week until Christmas! If you were hoping to give out some handmade Christmas gifts, I think it’s about time that you hop on that train ’cause you’ve only got 7 days to DIY this baby up. To help you along your way, we’ve shared 3 quick and easy projects here and rounded up some of the best (and quickest) DIY gifts that you could ever hope for!

I’m going to quit gabbing and get to it!

Tee Infinity & Beyond!

Infinity scarves are really, really hot right now. Surely there has to be one or two on your list swooning over the yards and yards of this trend. Luckily, making one can be super easy. Observe:

How to Make an Infinity Scarf DIY Tutorial

Find any tee shirt that doesn’t have seams running from the armpits to the bottom hem. Fun patterned shirts (like my vintage Led Zeppelin garage sale steal) will make for a more whimsical look and solid tees a bit more buttoned down.

Take your shirt and turn it inside out. Using a yardstick and fabric marking pen draw a straight line from pit to pit. Do the same just above the sewn hem at the bottom. Follow your marks with a pair of scissors (or if you’re a renegade you can throw out the stick and wing it). While sitting in front of TV stretch the dickens out of your circular shape. Use your hands to stretch it, put it over your foot and pull toward you, whatever it takes to stretch that baby out… and you’re done.

Fun Gloves

I learned while around my nephews that just about anything can encourage imaginative play. These gloves can be worn to keep little fingers warm or tossed into the costume box to add some flavor to playtime.

DIY Glove Designs

Get yourself a couple pairs of those 2 for $1 stretchy gloves and a variety of puffy/slick paints from the hobby section. The idea behind these “fun gloves” is that you can place a portion of the glove in front of your face to enhance your appearance. The glove above makes me feel like Jessica Rabbit. You can also paint mustaches on the inside of the index fingers, eyeballs on the palms of both hands… you name it.

If You Can Glue It…

I think with Mad Men being such a hit, that more guys should want to wear cuff-links  If your man doesn’t have any how are you going to convince him of this Mad Men trend and class his wrists up?

DIY Cufflinks Tutorial

This is so easy it almost isn’t even a craft. Take some heavy duty glue, like E-6000, and attach, quite literally, whatever onto cuff link blanks (look in jewelry sections at craft stores). The great thing is that children are going to come up with some pretty neat ideas. We painted rocks scavenged from the gravel drive silver and also attached some “really pretty” nickels to our links. A neat idea would be to find coins that are from the year of your and your man’s birth for a little secret sigh factor (that you can choose to tell him about or not…)

And now, here is the roundup of great (and fast) projects from all over the internet!

for the ‘Coffee Lover’

homemade coffee syrup tutorial recipe

Homemade Coffee Syrups by a Beautiful Mess

handpainted mugs DIY gifts

Handpainted Mugs by Lana Red

for the ‘Crafty Gal’

ribbon storage box tutorial DIY

Ribbon Storage Box from Honestly WTF

Colorful Animal Jar Lids DIY Craft

Craft Organizing, Colorful Animal Jars by  House to Home

for the ‘Diva’

Glitter Mouse Pad DIY Craft

Glittery Mouse Pad from Brit.co

Jeweled High Heels DIY Craft Shoe

Miu Miu Inspired Heels by Honestly WTF

for the ‘Animal Lover’

Acorn Bird Feeder DIY Craft

 Acorn Shaped Feeder by Tried and True

Gingerbread Man Cat Toy DIY Craft

 Distressed Gingerbread Man Cat Toys by Dream a Little Bigger

for the ‘Jewelry Lover’

Swiss Candy Necklace DIY Craft

Swiss Candy Necklace by Aunt Peaches

Gilded Gold Geode Rings DIY Tutorial

 Gilded Gold Geode Rings by SwellMayde

for the ‘Anthropologie Fanatic’

Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Glasses DIY Craft

Anthro Inspired Confetti Glasses by Radical Possibility

Anthropologie Inspired Ruffled Burlap Lamp Shade DIY Craft

Anthropologie Inspired Ruffled Burlap Lamp by mam says sew

for the ‘Bag Lover’

Stenciled Snakeskin Clutch Purse DIY Craft

Stenciled Snakeskin Clutch by I Spy DIY

Lanvin Burberry Inspired Clutch Purse DIY Craft

Lanvin Burberry Inspired Clutch by IMPROMP-two