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It’s official, I have a little bit of baby fever. It’s not too bad, I mean, I’m not buying baby clothes or stalking hospital nurseries or even planning to have a third one myself, it’s just that my boys are so big now that I miss those special baby times.

The Joy of Feeding a Baby

For me, one of the most special times was feeding my babies. Now that my kids are older and have multiple, conflicting opinions on what they each want to eat, I miss the sweet, simple bonding times of feeding my child. Feeding choices can cause a lot of stress for new parents, but there’s really no need for the angst. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or mixing the two all result in happy, healthy, well-adjusted babies.

Selfishly, I love it when my friends and relatives with babies bottle feed their babies, because it means that I can help and relieve a little of my baby fever! Using a bottle gives baby time to bond not only with crazy “aunts” like me, but also with the baby’s father. It’s so important that fathers be given the room to learn how to do things like bathe, feed, and dress the baby without mom or grandma interfering. The more a father does with his baby early on, the more comfortable the two will be together.

The Joy of Feeding a Baby

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The Joy of Feeding a Baby

I know there are so many opinions out there about feeding babies and children, and it can get so stressful. If you’re a new mom, I hope you aren’t spending too much time worrying about this, it all goes so quickly and before you know it, you’ll be like me. Sitting over here on the couch, hoping you’ll hand me your baby to hold!