I have dreamed of living in a tree house ever since I first read The Swiss Family Robinson as a small child. I was convinced that there couldn’t possibly be anything cooler than living way up in the tree tops, with exotic pets and an island all around. Around the age of ten, we moved to a house with a charming little tree house perched within an apple tree in our front yard and I spent hours up there with stacks of books and mugs of peppermint tea. Nowadays, if I ever come to live up among the birds, I hope it’s in a home like one of these beauties below!

Amazing treehouse01. The bridge is my favourite aspect of this particular home.

Amazing treehouse02. Look up… look way up!

Amazing treehouse03. I could definitely see hanging out in this space. Love the decor too!

Amazing treehouse04. The perfect getaway spot!

Amazing treehouse05. Love that view!

Amazing treehouse06. What a cozy glow! I’m definitely enjoying the little path leading up to this home.

Tell us, what does your dream home look like?