The sign is invisible.

You know? The sign that seems to hang around your neck in neon lights the moment you have a new baby. The one that gives everyone around you the green light to offer unsolicited parenting advice. That one.

For the most part, everyone will have a different way for you to do things as parents. Trust me when I tell you that in the same breath someone will warn against one thing, they’ll encourage something that’s only a teensy-weensy bit different from the warned against thing. It can be comical most of the time, but when you’re navigating a new human for the first (or fifth) time, it can become overwhelming.

This BuzzFeed video perfectly sums up what it’s like to exist around other people with a new baby.

My advice is to take it all and then do it your way. The way that works best for you and your family. To heck with all the rest of it.

But really don’t poop when the baby poops. They poop a lot!

Share in the comments some of the weird advice you got when you brought baby home.