Wish Him Happy Holidays with Slim Jim from Walmart

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We all know that Christmas is aimed at the kids. There are a few grown-up traditions like spiked eggnog and mistletoe, but for the most part, Christmas decorations and food are all about making the little ones happy.

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My husband and I try to shake that up a little when it comes to the stockings by making sure each other’s stockings are really about the person, not just kid stuff. I like to “theme” my stockings because it makes it easier for me to shop for him, too.

For my husband this year, I’m going with a food theme. He really digs Slim Jims, so I’m definitely including those in his stocking. I’m also going to throw in some hot sauce and some of his favorite snack foods!

Wish Him Happy Holidays with Slim Jim from Walmart

I got everything for my guy’s stocking at Walmart. Like I said, I like to keep this easy, and nothing is easier than shopping Walmart for Slim Jim! There are so many cute ways you could go with this idea. You could do a whole “practical” stocking and include shaving cream, razors, and socks, but then throw in something yummy like the Slim Jims, too. Or, you could do sports themed and include a pair of tickets to a game, and of course Slim Jims for eating while watching the game at home.

Wish Him Happy Holidays with Slim Jim from Walmart

You can play around with the idea on by creating your own virtual stocking for your guy. You’ll see, Slim Jim ties together any stocking idea. The best part is, you can enter to win a $100 Walmart gift card, just by creating your virtual stocking.