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Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Recipe - Unicorns may be imaginary magical creatures, but we're still ready to celebrate them. Today's recipe does just that. It's a mixture of bright rainbow ice cream colors covered in sprinkles. This ice cream recipe is perfect for your next fantasy unicorn party celebration. Or just because it's fun and delicious. Either way. No judgment here.

Unicorn Ice Cream Recipe



  • In a stand mixer, whip heavy cream and vanilla together until you receive stiff peaks. Add in sweetened condensed milk and mix until combined. Separate this base ice cream mixture into 4 bowls.
  • Tint one bowl of ice cream base mixture with a few drops of the neon pink icing. Mix until you reach the desired color. Repeat with the other bowls and colors (pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow & green).
  • Spoon color mixtures into a loaf pan, alternating spoonfuls of different colors.
  • After all of the colorful mixtures are in the loaf pan, use a knife to run through mixtures in the pan to swirl all of the colors.
  • Add rainbow sprinkles, then freeze overnight or until frozen.
  • TIP: try a glass loaf pan to freeze ice cream!