From Star Wars to Linux, Lord of the Rings to World of Warcraft, geek love comes in a million manifestations. If you have a partner who lives for technology, is a total audiophile, gets giddy at the idea of a Battlestar Galactica marathon and whose wardrobe mainly consists of JINX apparel, then this is the Father’s Day gift guide for you!

Eco-Friendly Earbuds

01. Eco-Friendly Earbuds: Big sound, small footprint.

Star Wars R2-D2 Peppermill

02. R2-D2 Peppermill: If you’re a nerdy mama, like myself, then you won’t even mind this sweet little droid joining your kitchen arsenal!

Cedar iPhone/iPod Docking Station

03. Cedar iPhone/iPod Docking Station: A perfect blend of technology and aesthetics.

Polaroid Two Digital Instant Camera

04. Polaroid Two Digital Instant Camera: Who am I kidding — can I have one??

CableDrop for organizing computer usb cables

05. Bluelounge CableDrop: Say goodbye to tangled USB cords!

Star Wars Boba Fett Hoodie

06. Boba Fett Hoodie: Because let’s face it, Bounty Hunters are pretty cool.

a320 Handheld Emulator

07. a320 Handheld Emulator: For retro gaming on the go.

The Complete LOST Collection

08. The Complete LOST Collection: Okay, so maybe this one isn’t even available til August 24th, but it’s worth the wait, right?

Wishing you all a fabulous Father’s Day 2010!!

PS. The best part about writing this post? Watching my partner squirm as he tries to figure out what I got him!