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Easy Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

Howdy folks! Today I have an amazing recipe for a delicious Dutch Apple Pie. Made with a homemade pie crust (or ready-made crust), apples, lemon juice, sugar, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg! The crumb topping on this baby makes all the difference. Serve however...


Easy Old-Fashioned Apple Crisp Recipe

The Fall season is all about comfort food, right? I say so, anyway! Fall fruits like pears and apples are always my favorite to put into a warm dessert (and sometimes topped with ice cream), so today’s recipe is just that. Easy Old-Fashioned Apple...


17 Turkey Crafts to Make with Kids

Fall might be my favorite time of year for DIY projects and crafts with my kids. It’s possible I’m so in love with it because it’s sometimes a bit too cold to do outside activities beyond the pumpkin patch and maybe a fun corn...