There’s an age-old beauty and wellness tip that professes “olive oil, inside and out”, but aside from cooking and baking with it, I’ll admit I hadn’t ventured much further until rather recently. Today I wanted to share 10 great ways to include a little more of this amazingly versatile oil in your life! And, of course, for the best results, you want to reach for the cold press extra virgin variety.

10 Ways To Use Olive Oil

10 Ways To Use Olive Oil!

01. Silence a squeaky hinge. Rub a little olive oil on a cloth, or cotton swab, and apply to the hinge that’s giving you trouble. Works perfectly every single time! Great for a squeaky baby’s room door, or a pesky kitchen cabinet.

02. Clean your face. Deep clean and moisturize with olive oil for radiant, smooth skin!

03. Soften your lips. Olive oil makes a fantastic lip moisturizer.

04. As a barrier for baby’s bum. Olive oil helps to keep away diaper rash and is soothing on the skin, keeping away water and irritants. Plus, it’s natural, so you’ll feel great about putting it on your baby’s skin.

05. To remove makeup. A little olive oil on a cotton ball helps you remove your makeup while being gentle on your skin.

06. As shaving cream. Use olive oil as a shaving cream for super smooth skin and fewer nicks and cuts.

07. Repair a scratch in your leather furniture. Take a small amount of olive oil on a cloth and gently rub it into the scratched leather. Watch it disappear.

08. Strengthen your nails. Soak your nails in olive oil to boost the strength of your nails and improve their overall health and shine.

09. Freeze and preserve fresh herbs. Keep your favorite herbs on hand, and ready to pop into any recipe, by freezing them in an ice cub tray with olive oil. Store your cubes in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

10. Make an orange peel candle. Oranges and olive oil make for a quick and simple candle! Take 1/2 an orange peel, fill it with olive oil, and light the stem to burn with a delightful citrus scent!

Are you an olive oil lover? Share your favorite way to use it in the comments below!

Did you know that olive oil is also a base for mixing essential oils to dilute them? Yup. And speaking of essential oils

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