I have been working on my holiday shopping list for the past few days and have realized something – I really want to create gifts for my loved ones this year. It is going to be a DIY holiday!

Sometimes when we think of DIY projects, we assume that they are difficult and time consuming, but that isn’t always the case. (Especially here on Mom Spark!) Think about it – even a tin of homemade cookies are a DIY gift! See what I mean?

I have put together a list of 15 DIY gifts that would be perfect for gift giving this holiday season. I hope they inspire you to go DIY this year, too!

My Favorite DIY Holiday Present Ideas!

  1. Classic Framed Photo Ornaments
  2. Instagram Binders
  3. Sparkly Spice Bites
  4. Colorful Mason Jars
  5. Walgreens Photo Calendar
  6. Therapy Rice Bag
  7. Scarf Made Into a Purse
  8. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies
  9. Beaded Jumbo Jump Chain Bracelet
  10. Glittery Coffee Mug
  11. Faux Stained Glass Jar
  12. Canvas Crossbody Bag
  13. Cherry Almond Meringues
  14. Necktie Pillow
  15. Homemade Perfume and Body Spray