The most magical place on Earth isn’t that magical when you are sticky, sweaty, and smelly from Florida’s famous heat and humidity.  Getting away from the heat can be fast, entertaining, and free. When you are visiting Walt Disney World, you have three options for cooling down in the parks: drink fluids, get wet, and get inside!

Club Cool walt disney world

Drinking lots of fluids is very important while visiting Disney’s parks during the summer. One of my favorite free gems at Epcot is Coke’s Club Cool.  Inside the air-conditioned shop, you can enjoy free samples of delicious drinks from across the globe. Try some watermelon soda from China or Coca-Cola with a hint of orange from Germany. My favorite thing to do at Club Cool is steel myself, drink a huge gulp of Beverley (a bitter, disgusting drink from Italy), and recommend it to an unwitting family member.  The look of horror and occasional spit take afterwards is worth it.

Pirates of the Caribbean walt disney world

Another way to keep cool during a summer day at Disney World is to plan to catch an air-conditioned attraction during the hottest point of the day. Indoor rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom and Spaceship Earth at Epcot, or shows, including the Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Finding Nemo – The Musical at Animal Kingdom, will help you cool down and rest your feet while enjoying some of the best entertainment Disney has to offer. Plus, many of these rides will have comparably short lines during the worst time to be standing in a crowded, muggy line.

However, most kids’ favorite way to stay cool is getting soaking wet. You can do this by riding such family favorites like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids and dry out while walking to your next attraction. In addition, Disney has strategically placed splash pads in all the parks. The newest Fantasyland addition is Casey Jr. Splash n’ Soak station, where squirting elephants and spitting camels attempt to get your children as wet as possible (Nearby is a merchandise cart selling bathing suits and towels. How convenient!). I personally enjoy walking to Adventureland, grabbing a Dole Whip, and watch my daughter dance around the Tiki Statues in order to get completely drenched.

You can stay cool and happy in Disney World, no matter what the weather, with some planning. What are your secrets to beating the heat at Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

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