Family Must-Have iPhone Apps

For a while now I’ve been wanting to share some of my favourite iPhone apps… ones that I use all the time, once that I find to be truly useful. You won’t find Instagram or Twitter on this list, but a few gems I’ve searched out, tried, tested & fallen in love with! I hope you’ll find them helpful too!

Toca Doctor App

Toca Doctor: This is one of my daughter’s favourite iPhone games. She’s been a HUGE fan of the Toca Boca series since last summer’s BlogHer’11 when I was introduced to the company. All of the Toca apps play like toys, not games, so they are open ended and super fun. This one in particular gets kids thinking about physics, movement, puzzle solving and more. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Toca makes the BEST apps possible for children. Oh yes. I said. We’ve downloaded every single one and we can’t get enough!

Magic Sleep App

Magic Sleep: This sleep app is highly effective… they actually warn you NOT to play it while driving/operating heavy machinery, if you can believe it. I started using this one a long time ago to help my daughter fall asleep, and it works so well that I usually end up falling asleep along with her. The sounds it plays are soothing and beautiful, ambient and graceful… it’s hard to explain, but I adore it! We use it in the car (so that only my little one can hear, of course), in bed (tucked under a pillow sometimes), or when we’re away from home, sans white noise machine. My little one even asks me to turn it on sometimes!

GasBuddy App

GasBuddy: Want to find the cheapest gas around? Or just the closest gas station to your present location? Bingo. After finally buying a car in April, I’ve found this app super helpful when I’m on the hunt for the best place to fill my tank. Just don’t drive three towns over to save a penny! This app is user updated, and thought the example show a US location, it’s popular up here in Canada too! Gotta love that fact!

Period Plus app

Period Plus: I’m a gal who likes to know what’s going on with her body. I’m also calender obsessed, so this app makes perfect sense to me. Track your cycle, save journal entries… great for knowing when you’re ovulating for the TTC crowd too! Customizable and super easy to use. Love this app. You can also set reminders, so your phone will tell you when your period is about to start, or when you’re entering your fertile period. Pretty neato. You can also change dates any time you want if your cycle shifts or your luteal phase happens to be longer, etc. I was sceptical about this app to start, but now I’m hooked.

8mm app

8mm: This is the neatest video app I’ve ever seen. Shoot video in fun, vintage styles, old school film, grainy… customize sound, add little blips mid-video to simulate an actual 8mm camera. I love it!

What are your favourite, must-have apps? Please share! I’m always on the hunt for new ones!