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Creating the Citizens of Disney’s ZOOTOPIA

During my time in Los Angeles last December I had the opportunity to sit in on a few presentations for Disney’s upcoming film ZOOTOPIA. About ZOOTOPIA: Zootopia is a city like no other that’s comprised of neighborhoods that celebrate different cultures. There’s ritzy Sahara Square...


Why Receiving Flowers is Awesome

This post is sponsored by Teleflora. My husband and I were talking about Valentine’s Day last night and ended up having quite the debate about flowers. “Flowers will inevitably die, so why would you want them?” The question really made me think about the...

Arts and Crafts

Puppy Valentine Freebie to Color

When I saw these heart lollipop bouquets for $1 apiece for around 8 suckers I snapped up two with immediate plans in my mind… I wanted to have a cute character holding onto the lollis like balloons! I guess the thing I kept thinking...