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Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Lime Punch Recipe

While the Christmas season has red colored foods galore, March brings everything green. This delicious lime punch is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. A little sour, a little sweet, and it can be made non alcoholic and still taste great. If you want to...


17 DIY Peeps Crafts for Easter

Easter is around the corner and that means it’s that time of year where Peeps are everywhere. Whether you’re a big fan of the marshmallow treat or can’t stand the sugary goodness, there’s no denying that they’re really adorable to look at. Which is...


Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

When I was in university, it was quite customary to spend your St. Patrick’s Day “enjoying” green beer and copious amount of shots with friends until the wee hours of the morning. Ah, those were the days… well, not really. No one really enjoyed...