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Rustic Pallet American Flag

I’ve not yet made anything with pallets. And for a lot of reasons I suppose. I worry about the kinds of chemicals that might be inside of the boards so I’m a bit wary of having something made from pallets inside of my home....


How to Get Laundry DONE.

Can you remember the last time all of your laundry was done? Are you just now spitting out your coffee with laughter at the fact that I’ve assumed that’s EVER happened in your life? I know the feeling. I know that never-ending onslaught of...

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Fun 4th of July Ideas!

This post is sponsored by Capri Sun. We’re starting to get into the summer vacation groove around here! The kids are enjoying camp and playing with friends, I’m starting to carve out a modified version of my work day, and we’re all looking forward...


Bacon Cucumber Pasta Salad

Sometimes I dream of living in a place where I can eat outside every single day. Unfortunately, Oklahoma has weird weather that often gets in the way of my al fresco cravings, but when it’s possible, you’ll see me sipping my morning coffee, snacking...