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5 Tips to Reduce Waste

As I have shared in the past, Tom’s of Maine is known for its environmentally friendly products, so it only makes sense that they’re celebrating Earth Month with a #LessWasteChallenge. This challenge has a goal of zero waste to landfills by 2020 at its...

Mexican Street Corn Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Street Corn is my new favorite side dish, especially for Cinco de Mayo. It is a very simple dish, basically corn is prepared and then rolled in yummy toppings. What isn’t to love? Queso Fresco is a very mild cheese found in most...


Why Israeli Women Won’t Apologize

A few weeks ago, I set out for an adventure like no other to the country of Israel. Thanks to Vibe Israel, I had the honor of touring this amazing land and connecting with the people who call it home. photo by Shani Sadicario I’ll be...