Blog Conference Packing Must-Have Tips

Being well prepared at a blog conference will make your experience a smooth and satisfying one. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself miles from home, thinking to yourself, “If only I’d known to bring an [insert much-needed item here]!!”. If you’re new to the wonderful world of blog conferences, you might be scratching your head, wondering what exactly should be filing your suitcase.

Here are a few of my choices for things you won’t want to be without at your next blog conference!

blog conference must haves


  1. Your camera of choice! After all, you’re going to need those pics for future posts, right?
  2. Your favourite brand of notebook/pens for mad gal style inspiration and note-taking.
  3. Some sort of gel insoles for your shoes. Your feet will thank you.
  4. Business cards! And a place to store them PLUS a place for the ones you’ll be collecting during any conference. It’s all about networking.
  5. Your smartphone of choice. For quick pics on the go, your schedule (but also keep a paper copy just in case), and connecting with new friends.
  6. Power cords, extension cords, power bars, chargers. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief, and you’ll be able to help out those around you too! Karma!
  7. Keep some gum on hand for those busy moments when you have just indulged in your third coffee, or that too-goo-to-pass-up garlic bread. You want people you remember you by something other than your breath 😉

What are your blog conference must-haves?