Kids & Caterpillars

caterpillars and kids (3)

My daughter has officially reached the bringing-bugs-home phase of childhood. About a week ago, she came home from her gramma’s house, proudly carrying a jar filled with caterpillars, leaves, grass, and sticks. She was SO excited to show me her new pets.

I’m actually loving that she is so interested in nature. I remember being her age, bringing all sorts of things home to my mother. Caterpillars were always a favourite — but I once brought home leeches, not knowing what they were, and my poor mom nearly had a heart attack. She made me take them back to the creek.

caterpillars and kids (1)

Gretchen has been carrying very diligently for her caterpillar friends — fresh grass and leaves to keep them fed and happy. She wants to see them make their cocoons and turn into butterflies, and they are starting to create bits of silk in the jar, however, I had to break it to her that her friends won’t actually turn into butterflies. As the caterpillars are actually tent caterpillars, they will turn into moths — which was just about the most devastating news I could have given her, but she’s come to accept it and it still quite excited to watch the transformation.

caterpillars and kids (2)

Each day she’s been taking them out of their jar, very carefully, and letting them crawl all over her. Just like taking a dog for a walk, I suppose. She’s been so gentle and sweet with her little friends. I’m excited to see them change too!

Have your kiddos ever brought home insects or other creatures? Has anyone had success watching caterpillars complete their metamorphosis?