Mom Blogger Competition and Priorities.

A few days ago, I was feeling a down.  This time last year, I had already traveled from Los Angeles to Orlando and back again for various press events, conferences, and consultation meetings.  I remember actually turning down invites because my schedule was so packed.  It was a great position to be in, honestly.  This year has been different.  Very different.

For one, my work has changed.  Yes, I am still a blogger and quite busy as so, but my work extended beyond that after the launch of Mom Spark Media.  For the first time in my blogging and social media career, I feel accepted as a professional.  I can finally claim this crazy “hobby” as a real career.  I have a team for goodness sakes.  I have received amazing work and have connected with agencies and brands from all over the US.  Even with all of that goodness, I am still a blogger at heart.  I still want acceptance in that realm.  I have been feeling those annoying “picked over” emotions after not receiving press event invites or blogger campaigns.  I know it is trivial, ungrateful and selfish, but it was felt nonetheless.

I needed a MAJOR reality check.  Hello, priorities!

How could I wipe away all of the joys and blessings in my life over something so small?  I mean, my family is awesome, business is amazing, I have rock star friends and followers, I am confident in my abilities, so why am I feeling so bad for myself?  Cliche to say, but one person cannot have it all and I am in no way entitled to everything that passes through the blogosphere.  In fact, it’s extremely selfish and arrogant to even think so.

I have also been thinking about competition and how it relates to the mom blogging community. It is a competitive space.  For me, I am competitive in nature, but not with other bloggers per se. Instead, I often challenge myself in doing outstanding jobs for my clients and in a sense compete with myself.  Obviously, I want to impress the people I work for, but I rarely think about rising above another blogger to do so. I have lost many campaigns to other bloggers and media groups. I’m okay with that, honestly.  Failure helps me grow and learn.  It isn’t easy, but it’s okay.

One lesson I have learned in life and business is that the less you micromanage and worry about what everyone else is doing, the more joy and opportunities come your way.  The more you focus on your own work and providing for others, the more you’ll receive.  It really does work that way.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up with what other bloggers are making financially, what gigs they are being offered, and where they are traveling next.  All of that energy is time well wasted on something AWESOME they could be doing.  Wanna an invite to an event?  Create one yourself.  Change the way you think.  Make your own path.

We can’t control feelings of jealousy and hurt, but we can control how we react to it.  I suppose that is the hardest part.

Think about where you are currently spending your time and efforts. Are they in the right places? What are you receiving back?  Do you feel wrapped up in a competition with your colleagues?  Is it distracting you from your goals?

I’m not going to say that I don’t want to receive press event invites like I used to, because I do. However, I plan on doing great things regardless. This space is big enough for everyone and I plan on rockin’ it with what I have to work with.  I’ve also accepted that I’m in a different place now and it is just as awesome as before, if not better.  It’s all about priorities.