Easter Home Decor Inspiration

With Easter just a few short weeks away, why not start to add a little springtime inspiration to your home? These gorgeous decor items and DIYs will add a pinch of Easter flair to any room you choose! Even if there’s still snow in your neck of the woods (I’m currently glaring at the snow covered hills and snowbanks on our property) there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the pastels and bright colors of the season inside. Maybe we can trick Mother Nature into settling into a more favorable season!

Check out my favorite Easter decor finds below!

Easter Decor Inspiration

1. Design Dining Diapers Moss Monogram Door Sign | 2. Ever Blooming Original Bunny Wreath | 3. 100 Crochet Necklaces Crocheted Eggs | 4. Alice & Lois Clay Bunny Bowl | 5. Torie Jayne Bunny Jars For Easter