20 Summer Hacks You’re Going To Love

Do you love summer? Ditto. It’s a season for adventures, for spending lots of time with family and friends, and it’s a time for making the most out of every single day until the kids head back to school! Today we’re sharing some fun summer hacks and ideas to help you make your summer even MORE awesome. Enjoy!

20 Summer Hacks You're Going To Love

  1. Use baby powder to get all the sand off your feet before putting your shoes back on at the beach. This’ll save you from having the Sahara in your car later!

  2. Freeze grapes as a tasty, cold snack for kids — or to use as ice cubes in your wine.

  3. Use a fitted sheet to make a sand-free beach blanket. Just pile up your coolers and other gear in the corners to keep it open and be sure to brush your feet off before you hop on.

  4. Stick triangles of watermelon on fat popsicle sticks for a relatively mess-free way to eat your favourite fruit. Plus, it just looks cute! Kids will love eating it like this!

  5. Make fun drinks by freezing fruit into ice cubes, then pour over juice or sparkling water.

  6. Keep your ice cream soft by placing the container inside a big freezer bag after you open it for the first time. I have no idea why this works but it’s foolproof!

  7. If you have a trampoline, cut up lengths of pool noodle, slice them up the side, and slide them over the springs. No more pinched kiddos!

  8. Use baking soda and vinegar to blow up balloons in your backyard. This is a fun science experiment and a great way to decorate for your pool party!

  9. Make a water blob!

  10. Stick your popsicle sticks through a cupcake liner to keep drips from getting all over your hands on a hot day.

  11. Use cupcake liners to keep bugs out of your drink by pushing your strawn through them and resting them upside down on the top of your glass.

  12. Add a bundle of sage to your campfire as a natural way to keep mosquitos at bay!

  13. At your outdoor event, serve salads in big clear cookie jars to keep the bugs away.

  14. Keep the rest of your beach bag safe from messes by keeping your sunscreen in a plastic baggie.

  15. Freeze aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray for soothing relief from sunburns if you happen to miss a few spots!

  16. Also keep your phone inside a plastic baggie when you head to the beach or pool. It won’t be waterproof, but it’ll be water resistant against damp towels and accidental splashes.

  17. Push a popsicle stick through the top of a small yogurt container and freeze. Tada! Instead frozen yogurt treats!

  18. Use an old lotion container as a secret spot to stash your stuff at the beach.

  19. Freeze your Capri Sun packs (for about 5-6 hours) and eat them with a spoon like a slushie!

  20. Use Doritos as kindling for your campfire if you’ve run out.

And of course, don’t forget to have FUN! That’s what it’s all about! Feel free to share your favourite summer hacks in the comments below!!

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