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If your house is anything like mine right now, it’s a constant chorus of sniffles and sneezes.

Allergy season is in full swing and that means protecting yourself and your family from the inevitable discomfort is important now more than ever.

Here are 5 tips from a CVS Pharmacist to help you and your family survive allergy season:

1. Avoid spending time outside when pollen counts are high 

It’s tempting to spend all of your time outside this time of the year because the weather is so gorgeous. Most of us want to savor every last second of it before it’s super cold out there.

5 Helpful Tips for Allergy Season

But spending too much time outdoors when the pollen counts are high is a recipe for an allergy disaster. Keep an eye on when things are blowing around in the air and maybe opt for a movie day indoors instead.

2. Keep lozenges handy

One of the most common allergy symptoms my family and I experience is a dry, scratchy throat.

5 Helpful Tips for Allergy Season

There’s nothing more frustrating and uncomfortable than having an irritated throat and no way to soothe it. I like to stock up on throat relief pops and strawberry lozenges from CVS before the season even begins.

3. Dust and vacuum more than ever before

I learned pretty early on that spring cleaning wasn’t the only time for me to really dig in and make sure all of the cracks, corners, and crevices were deep cleaned.

5 Helpful Tips for Allergy Season

With so much more swirling around in the air before things settle for the fall and winter, dusting and vacuuming regularly makes such a huge difference in how many allergens hang around inside the house.

4. Have allergy relief medication handy

The last thing you want to do when you’re working through an allergy attack is to take a trip to pick up some allergy relief medication.

5 Helpful Tips for Allergy Season

And? Definitely be sure to have both capsules and liquid in your medicine cabinet because it’s most likely that each member of the family will have a need for it at an inopportune time for getting to your local CVS in the thick of it.

5. Visit a professional if things get bad

With allergies being the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S., it’s no wonder that sometimes even the wide variety of readily available solutions may not cut it. It’s not unlikely that a prescription medication is necessary.

5 Helpful Tips for Allergy Season

You can visit your doctor or stop by a MinuteClinic, the retail medical clinic found inside select CVS Pharmacies to learn more about the right solutions for you.