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4 Boozy Hot Cocoa Cocktail Recipes

Is there anything better than a boozy hot cocoa cocktail? Nope.   Icelandic Hot Chocolate 1 ½ part Reyka Vodka 6 part of Hot Chocolate (Swiss Miss) ¾ part Ancho Reyes 1 dash of Angostura Bitters Glass: Hot Toddy Glass or Styrofoam Cup Garnish:...


Strawberry Cupid Mimosas Cocktail Drink Recipe

What is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day? I have several ideas. In the past, we have created delicious variations like our White Strawberry Love Potion, Orange Cream Mimosas, and Strawberry Valentine’s Cocktail, but today we wanted to put together some simple, yet delicious,...


A Tea Break Just for Me.

My days can get pretty hectic. Between work and family, I can get pretty over-stimulated. That’s why I like to build in a few breaks for myself throughout the day. Sometimes I take a stretch break and try to work out some of the...