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Peaches & Cream Soap

  For this project you will need: Clear melt and pour soap Goats milk melt and pour soap Peach fragrance oil Soap mold Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle


10 Inspirational Ways to Organize Your Home!

My theme for 2016 is “minimize.” You will see me writing about this quite a bit as we move into the new year! Today, I wanted to get started with ideas for minimizing the home. Sometimes the thought of decluttering and organizing can be...


Leftover Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe

A good cup of coffee is essential for me to start the day off right. It’s not just the caffeine, either, I honestly love the taste of coffee and taking the time to sit down and drink a great cup. Sometimes throughout the day...


The Joy of Feeding a Baby

This post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own. It’s official, I have a little bit of baby fever. It’s not too bad, I mean, I’m not buying baby clothes or stalking hospital nurseries or even planning to have a third...


Slow Cooker Loaded Potato Soup Recipe

October is steadily moving along and with it brings colder, windy weather up in the North. A warm, comforting soup is the perfect dinner for that sort of weather, and a slow cooker makes it even easier to prepare. This