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20 Deliciously Sweet JELL-O Dessert Recipes

JELL-O is one of those recipe ingredients that you just can’t go wrong with. Cakes, gelatin, pudding, salads…the list goes on and on of what you can make with this pantry staple. So, in honor of JELL-O (or Jello, if you prefer to write...


Color Blocked Wooden Easter Eggs

I love colorblocked anything. If you’re wondering what colorblocking is, exactly, Oxford Dictionary defines it as: “relating to an item characterized by contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright color.” I suppose it’s because I love bright color and Mondrian and whatnot that make...


Easy Rainbow Party Drinks

There are lots of holidays I don’t see fit to spend tons of money on. Is St. Patrick’s Day a lot of fun? Can be. Am I going to spend hundreds of dollars on a shamrock covered St. Patty’s tree? Um, no. So when...


Green St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas and Tips

Planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a shindig at your house? We’ve got you covered! Today we’re sharing some fun decor and food ideas for your family-friendly soiree this March 17th! Enjoy! Lucky Printable via Eighteen 25 — You can choose from a few...


21 Yummy Sweet and Savory Carrot Recipes

The amazing thing about carrots is how easily one can use them in a sweet dessert OR a savory side dish. In short, carrots are the BOMB and have infinite potential. For today’s post, we have 21 of our favorite recipes that include carrots,...


Easy Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Beef Bourguignon is one of those recipes that seems impossible to make at home. Well, that impossibility is over because guess what? YOU CAN MAKE BEEF BOURGUIGNON IN A CROCK-POT SLOW COOKER! So, take the plunge. Recipe below. 🙂 PIN THIS RECIPE BELOW!