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How to Name Your New Blog

Along with my own blogging journey, I have also spent the last few years helping others build up their blogs, too. Helping others start a blog is a huge honor, as I love bringing someone’s voice to life. One big part of bringing this...


Spring Chocolate-Dipped Carrot Strawberries Recipe

This time of year makes me excited for all things bright and cheery, including the recipes I create. So, today’s recipe is just that – springy, fun and DELICIOUS. Spring chocolate-dipped carrot strawberries! A fun recipe to make with the kids and oh-so-yummy for...


10 Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs!

Every single morning, my daughter has been asking about Easter. She is PUMPED, folks. The other day I accidentally left a bag out in plain view, which just happened to have an Easter gift hidden inside. Thankfully she only caught a glimpse, but she knew...


Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Recipe

If you’re a regular here at Mom Spark, you may already know that we have a little bit of a unicorn obsession. Just a bit.  Okay, maybe a lot. We’re not apologizing, though. Unicorns may be imaginary magical creatures, but we’re still ready to...


Simple Moss Bunny Wreath for Easter Tutorial

Easter wreaths have a tendency to revolve around one thing. The cheap, colorful plastic egg. We wrap them up in this or that and paint them this way and switch the tops and bottoms for a technicolor Easter! And all those are great, but...


Easter Candy Bark Recipe

This recipe basically involves combining all the yummy parts of Easter candy and throwing it into one delicious bark. SO. GOOD.  Grab the recipe below!   I also created a how-to video below. 🙂


20 Inspired Prom Hair and Makeup Looks

You’ve already found the perfect dress. Your feet will be super happy with the stellar shoes you bought. Your accessories are on point. The only thing left to finish your 2017 prom look are your hair and makeup. Whether you’re scheduling an appointment with...