Father’s Day is almost here.

Honestly, it’s going to be here before you can even say, “World’s Greatest Dad”. See? Today is magically Father’s Day and you’re standing there empty-handed.

Lucky for you (and Pops), I’m here to share with you ten last-minute DIY Father’s Day gifts for dad so you don’t have to stand there looking like a dweeb who didn’t get it together in time for Daddios’ big day:

10 Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gifts for Dad

1. These free Father’s Day retro printables.

DIY Gift for Dad: Retro Style Printables
source: elegance and enchantment

2. This adorable, super dad pop box set of candy.

DIY Gift for Dad: Pop Box Set
source: lil luna

3. A place for dad to ‘stache’ his treats.

DIY Gift for Dad: Gift Bag
source: marvelous mommy

4. A sweet popsicle stick craft with all the things you love about dad.

DIY Gift for Dad: Popsicle Sticks DIY Gift
source: ezebreezy

5. This place for papa to rest his head.

DIY Gift for Dad: I Love You Pillowcase
source: mama papa bubba

6. Something to make with the empty toilet paper roll.

DIY Gift for Dad: Shrink Paper Keepsake Keychain Charms: Toilet Roll Day Cards
source: pink stripes socks

7. Shrink the kiddos down to make this fun keychain.

DIY Gift for Dad: Shrink Paper Keepsake Keychain Charms
source: what moms love

8. This place for pops to hanging his grilling’ tools.

DIY Gift for Dad: Grill Set Holder & Sign
source: lil luna

9. A crate for dad to keep all of his any-type tools.

DIY Gift for Dad: Crate Project
source: mom spark

10. A mini pool table dad can take with him anywhere.

DIY Gift for Dad: Mini Pool Table in a Tin
source: crafts unleashed by consumer crafts